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Licensed Investigative Services

Digital investigations can take many shapes and forms. They are often tedious and time-consuming endeavors that require a certain expertise, as well as the need for the appropriate forensic examination and reporting tools.

Cover 2 Investigations can provide assistance in information gathering and case management.

Let Cover 2 Investigations help you with your next investigative project.

Cover 2 Investigations

Smartphone Acquisitions

Performing smartphone acquisitions in order to pull logical data extractions from iOS and Android devices enables C2I clients to find most of what they are looking for in their digital investigations, including text messages, call history, and app data.

Cloud and IoT Forensics

Using a combination of the right tools, the proper authorization, and the required credentials, C2I can assist in forensically collecting data in the cloud from services such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Slack, Discord, and more.

Information Gathering

Whether it’s by way of digital forensics, open source intelligence, skip tracing, or witness interviewing, C2I will help gather the necessary available information in order for you to move forward with your next project or case.

Let Cover 2 Investigations Help You Succeed!!

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About Us

C2I’s mission is to make your job easier.

Effective information gathering and case management to help you succeed with your next investigative matter.



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