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Mobile Phone Forensics

Whether it be for investigative purposes, a legal hold, or a variety of other reasons, it is often a wise move to obtain a forensically sound copy of any mobile device that may become part of an investigation or a legal action. Cover 2 Investigations has the tools and expertise to assist in making sure that you are best prepared and compliant in any such scenario.

  • Use Cases for Mobile Phone Forensics:
  • Data Preservation
  • Legal Hold
  • Legal Proceeding
  • Criminal Case
  • Domestic Relations
  • Matrimonial
  • Divorce Case
  • Data Extraction
  • Civil Suit
  • Data Examination
  • Electronic Discovery
  • Corporate Matter
  • Child Custody Issue
  • Data Analysis
  • Forensic Readiness
  • Administrative
  • Property Settlement
  • Data Reporting
  • Forensic Imaging
  • Case Preparation

Cover 2 Investigations uses integrated data intelligence engines for digital forensic investigations that can review and capture data from computers, mobile devices, IoT devices, email, and more. Data often extracted include contacts, calls, text messages, photos, and notes. Cloud computing has added a whole other realm of potential information gathering. When an examination is completed, the information is often reported in a form suitable for non-technical individuals. Reports may also include analysis and other metadata documentation, and can be generated in multiple formats, including PDF and HTML.

The power is in the analysis of the data and the goal is to provide each client with as much data as possible. If data is available from a desktop, device, or cloud service, we’ll let you know and we’ll find the best way to present that data. Digital forensics is about gathering the data, and we know that data can make or break a case. Our systems are regularly updated and maintained to optimize investigation time, data parsing, and forensic reporting.            

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