Mobile Phone Forensics

Whether it be for investigative purposes, a legal hold, or a variety of other reasons, it is often a wise move to obtain a forensically sound copy of any mobile device that may become part of an investigation or a legal action. Cover 2 Investigations has the tools and expertise to assist in making sureContinue reading “Mobile Phone Forensics”

Cell Tower Analysis

1ST CELL = the first cell site that was used during a call Azimuth = the compass direction of the center of the sector in degrees BTS Manufacturer = Type of Base Transceiver Station (Lucent / Nortel / Samsung / Motorola / Ericsson) CALLING_NBR = the number that initiated the call CALLED_NBR = the number receiving the call CDR =Continue reading “Cell Tower Analysis”

Investigation Types

Cover 2 Investigations, Inc. Licensed Investigative Services: NYS ID 11000137490 Digital Forensics Electronic Discovery Data Preservation IoT Investigations Audio Analysis and Enhancement Crime Scene Investigation Evidence Collection Locating Witnesses Interviewing Witnesses Fact Gathering Record Searching Internal Investigations Background Checks DMV Searches Skip Tracing Surveillance Case Preparation Investigative Strategy

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